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"Schwerkraft: Neues Physik-Puzzle aus der oberen Liga" —

"Es gibt sie doch noch, die Perlen im App Store. Kleine Spiele, die einfach Spaß machen. Schwerkraft zählt genau in diese Kategorie." —

"Wer den knuffigen Omnom aus Cut the Rope oder das entspannende von Osmos leiden mag, der wird wohl auch Max aus dem neuen Spiel 'Schwerkraft' lieben." —

"Schwerkraft präsentiert sich als stressfreies, entspanntes und liebevoll gestaltetes Physik-Puzzle." —

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A game about gravity: Follow Max on a journey to bring back the stars.

Alien Max is shattered: An invisible force caused all the beautifully shining stars to disappear all of a sudden. So he decides to leave his home planet and search for the lighting orbs.

You can help Max on his journey across the never-ending infinity of space. In spite of his undoubtedly present bravery, he quickly gets lost in space. Only with your help the mission is born under a lucky star.

By tapping on planets you can turn on and off their gravity and direct Max’s paths. But watch out! When Max is moving too far away from the planets there’s no coming back. It gets tricky when he is on collision course with asteroids or black holes want to swallow him up.

Schwerkraft consists of more than 70 levels, which are characterized by a continuous but fair increase in difficulty. When Max leaves his home, you’ll get to know the basic controls and elements of the game at first. In the end you will do insane things you didn’t dream of being possible. To master all levels, you need good timing, skill, and sometimes patience.

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